Sportline Springs

Ordered a set of Sportline Springs from US, can't wait to get it on...

After installed, the front dropped 20mm and the rear dropped 10mm...

**The concept of a progressive rate spring design is the secret behind the eibach springs. Progressive rate springs like those in the eibach pro kit have different winding densities. What that means is that if you drive lightly, you'll get a smooth, comfortable ride.
if you drive hard, you'll get a firm, controlled ride.
The eibach pro kit drops your car's stance from 1 to 1.5 inches or so, reducing the gap in your fenderwells and lowering your vehicle's center of gravity. That means that even when you're not using the eibach pro kit to its full potential, you're still getting better handling.
Eibach sportline springs are the next step up after the pro kit in eibach's performance suspension hierarchy. When compared to the pro kit, eibach sportline springs lower the car more significantly: up to 2.3 inches total, so your wheels are really tucked up into your wheelwells for a race car look.
Even with this extreme degree of lowering, though, you don't lose ride quality because the eibach sportline springs utilize the same progressive spring design as the pro kit. Basically, it means that the eibach sportline springs don't flex their muscles until you ask them to. If you call upon your vehicle to deliver exceptional levels of handling performance, then eibach sportline springs are what you want to install.
Acceleration squat, body roll, and braking dive are all nearly eliminated using eibach sportline springs. Now i'm puting sportline spring on my sachs damper, which looks not that low but i'm sure that if i change to b8 damper, then will drop another 10+mm more... **