M3 Style Front Bumper

Finally, I recevied a call from Ecarboy that my M3 bumper is ready!
This morning, I couldn't wait to take my Calypso to install it.

Before the installation...

Removing the orignal bumper...
Ready to takeoff!!!

Calypso returned with Tropical Cyclone PABUK

My Calypso returned, when Pabuk hitted Hong Kong last Saturday...

Typhoon Signal No. 8 was issued at 2:30pm, 10th Aug, by the Hong Kong Observatory

After lower down the body, she looks so beautiful!!!

Reset Oil Service Light without tools - DIY

Thanks for the valualbe experience sharing on http://www.hkbmwgroup.com/ , I have made the Oil Service Light off without tools!

The Oil Service light is on!

Open the engine compartment and find the Data Link Connector.

Open the Data link Connector and connect the Pin7 and Pin 19 for 3 second.


The soul of Formula M: reloaded

The new BMW M3 Coupé.The fourth generation - 20 years and still designed to thrill. The new BMW M3 Coupé continues the tradition of the M GmbH to build a perfect high-performance sports car.

It comes with a completely new V8 engine and drivetrain, a lightweight body that is also extremely stiff, a lowered centre of gravity and a carbon roof, which while just as strong as a steel roof, weighs far less.

And of course, everything has been tried and tested on the toughest proving ground in the world, the Nürburgring-Nordschleife...
NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

Last week, I have replaced the Iridium Spark Plugs on my E36 ! They really made a big difference on improving the enginee performance! It gives me the feeling of driving a new car!!!

6 pcs of NGK IRIDIUM MAX for M52 Motor Sports Enginee!

Replacing the Spark Plugs...

Iridium IX series plugs for standard engines have an ultra-fine Iridium center electrode that ensures excellent ignitability and improved response to acceleration and power. Iridium MAX series plugs, meanwhile, have a platinum tip on the external electrode discharger, providing the same or longer life than platinum plugs!

The model number for my E36 323i is BKR6EIX - 11P.

BMW Colour Code and Information

I'm going to install a M3 style Front Bumper on my E36, and found out that the colour code of my car is 252 Calypso Red - Metallic.

All other colour code information can be found from the following website:

and a PDF file showing color images of the current BMW models.

Story about Calypso - A sea nymph who delayed Odysseus on her island, Ogygia, for seven years...

Calypso was a nymph, the daughter of the Titan Atlas. She lived on the island of Ogygia. After the last of Odysseus' men had perished at sea, Odysseus himself was washed ashore on Ogygia, where Calypso became enamored of him, taking him as her lover and promising him immortality if he would stay with her. Odysseus refused her offer, wishing to return home to Ithaca and to his wife, Penelope. But Calypso refused to let him leave, and held him prisoner for seven years. Finally Athena complained of Odysseus' plight to Zeus, and Zeus sent Hermes to Ogygia to order Calypso to set Odysseus free. Calypso complied reluctantly, allowing Odysseus to construct a small boat and set sail from the island...

My Dear Calypso, Please retain me for my whole life!!!

E36 Upgrade!!!

Since SuperGT is offering a good deal for the DTM Adjustable Suspention Systems, I can't wait to order a full set to upgrade my E36.
DTM Adjustable Suspension Syetem for E36

VRS Tower Bar

Lower X-Brace
I'm so exicting to see all these parts installed on my E36!!!