Some small changes on my 323...

I'm planning on some big projects, coming soon...
I have spent almost 3-4 weeks searching all over the webs and finally managed to get some cool stuffs for my baby.

*I found this cool M style key ring for my key.

*I will replace the original BMW logo with this AC version at both front and back.

*I will mount this AC logo on the front grill

*This AC hand break handle also very cool, but very diffical to install it.

*The AC step panels will definately increase the pickup performance :-)

I will update my blog after all these items installed.

My first BMW - 323i

Finally, I made my old boy dream came true. I bought my first BMW on 20 July 2006. I don't know how to express the great feeling of first time owning a BMW...

I replaced all the old rims and tyres with new AC rims and Dunlop tyres and makes her looking more sporty, and also make me feel that I'm still 18 only.