282HP Coupe Found!!!

Still can not believe myself... Am i dreaming????????????

The E46M Team

Photos taken by Hippo:

Photo taken by Mentos:


TeamTung's M3 Coupe - 3.0 5MT

We have great fun on TeamTung's M3 and i felt in love with the 286hp...

M3 (E36 3.0) 286hp technical data

Max speed: 155 miles/h (250 km/h)
0-100 km/h: 5.6 seconds
0-160 km/h: 12.7 seconds
0-200 km/h: 20.9 seconds
Quarter mile:13.8 seconds

Power: 210 kw (282hp / 286 ps)
Torque: 320 Nm (236 Lb-Ft)
Displacement:3.0 liters
Engine type:Inline 6, 24v
Engine location:Front

General data
Gearbox: 5
Drive: Rear wheel drive
Mass:1420 kilograms (3124 lbs)
Year of introduction: 1995
Home country:Germany

Power to Weight ratio: 198.32 hp/tonne
Power per liter: 70 kw/liter