The E36 M3 Darka Team

I believe this is the coolest M3 team we have never seen in the world...

Top Gauges Installed

These 3 gauges prefectly fit on my Calypso!!!

These cool gauges can be ordered online, check it out...

Gathering at Whitehead Golf Club

LTR: Macro, me and Phil...

We have great fun on that day!!!

Whitehead Golf Club - 11th FEB, 2009

Darka Yellow returned on E92 M3

BMW is launching a special edition of our current favourite M-car, the M3 Coupe.While it’s not a lightweight special like the E46 M3 CSL, it should still be a pretty cool thing – the suspension is lowered 10mm, while there are cosmetic tweaks in the shape of black chrome exhausts and grille and the option of black-finished 19in forged alloys.Paint options will all be exclusive to the M3 Edition, with Alpine White, non-metallic black, Dakar Yellow and Monte Carlo Blue.The engine will remain unchanged, meaning the cracking 4-litre V8 stays. Bigger modifications will be reserved for future, more dramatic specials with a new CSL not being ruled out.

The E30 ///M3

Photographer: HIPPOZ

///M3 Tail Lights on

///M3 CSL

3:05: "...This car is as light as a buttercup... but under here, you'll find- the heart of a medieval- manx dog... you even look at that engine- it'll kill you... they've managed to squeeze 355BHP from a 3.2(L)... it's unbelievable. And to show you how serious BMW are with this car, look at these tires... they're like racing slicks! You have to sign a disclaimer before you buy a CSL- saying that you understand the tires wont work in the rain- or if its a bit chilly --- What a car!" -TopGear

The Bumble Bee - E36 M3 Turbo

1000hp BMW M3 Turbo !!!
ICS BMW M3 Turbo-1000 Plus Horsepower At The Wheels
By Pablo Mazlumian

......The heart of the turbo system is a giant PT76 turbocharger. It flows through a large GTS turbine wheel spinning inside a .96 AR T4 housing, and it's bolted to a Boostlogic exhaust manifold. The turbo's 76mm compressor draws air through an ICS low-mount, 4-inch intake pipe and filter. From there, the 3-inch ICS intercooler piping takes the compressed air through a custom 3-inch-thick intercooler, continuing to a 68mm custom throttle body, and into the stock OBD-I intake manifold. Amazingly enough, the 1000-hp dyno run was done with a stock 64mm throttle body. A large, gravity-fed Weldon fuel pump delivers juice through a -12 fuel line into a custom ICS fuel rail feeding the 1,600cc injectors. Fuel pressure is maintained by an Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator......

Longitudinal front engine,rear-wheel drive

3.2-liter (S52) inline six, dohc, four valves per cylinder, CP 8.5:1 compression forged pistons, Pauter forged rods, ARP head and main studs, ported and polished head, Schrick camshafts, oversized valves, VAC metal head gasket, ICS intake pipe, PT76-GTS turbocharger, custom intercooler, Sias Electromotive TEC3 EMS, 1,600cc injectors, Weldon fuel pump, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator, ICS fuel rail, 3.5-inch turbo-back exhaust

ZF five-speed manual
Stock springs, dampers and anti-roll bars, solid rear toe bushingsBrakesStock assemblies

Wheels and Tires
Factory alloy wheels, 7.5x17 (f) 8.5x17 ®
Michelin MXX3, 225/45-17 (f)245/45-17 ®

Peak Power : 1025 whp@ 6700 rpm
Peak Torque: 860 lb-ft @ 6000 rpm
*measured at the wheels

M3 Body Upgraded

It it so lucky to get a set of M3 body parts to upgrade my Calypso!!!

  • M3 Bullet Mirriors
  • M3 Eye lips for headlights
  • M3 Front Bumper
  • M3 Side Skirts
  • M3 Body Moulding
  • M3 Rear Bumper
  • M3 White&Red Tail lights

BBS ET38 + Falken FK452

Found a nice set of BBS ET38 and I put on the FK452 on them!!!

Before is using AC TypeIV...

Now is on BBS ET38...

Engine Replacement

28th Nov, 2008 - a day which can never be forgotten in my life...


the old engine is over and took few weeks to find a nice 2nd hand engine, and get it re-conditioned...

256S3 is engine model number for E36 323 M52 engine...

After making the best effort, my garage has put the new engine back to the car and make it like a new car!!!

We managed to past the smog test engine inspection and got the new VRD issued...

THANK GOD to give my Calypso back!!!

now the new engine is doing great! fuel running at 12.19litre/100km...